Replacing Athletic Shoes Recommended Even If No Signs of Excessive Wear

Because the mid-sole material of an athletic shoe takes a pounding and eventually loses its ability to provide your child's foot with adequate support or cushioning, experts, such as Dr. Michael Lowe, past President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, and long time team podiatrist of the NBA's Utah Jazz, recommend periodic replacement of athletic shoes, even if the bottom sole shows no sign of excessive wear.

Cut From The Team: Empathizing With Your Child Is Key

Advice for parents from a mental health professional on helping children deal with the emotional pain of being cut from a sports team.

Worn Out Shoes: When Should They Be Replaced?

Compression fatigue of mid-sole, excessive wear of bottom sole and sock liner signs that athletic shoes worn out.

Three Stages of Athletic Development: Sampling, Specializing, Investment

There are three main phases of development for the youth athlete: Phase One (Exploration), Phase Two (Commitment) and Phase Three (Proficiency). While the developmental stages are issues for the entire family, some fundamental principles apply, regardless of phase.

Winning and Losing in Sports: Ten Tips for Parents

No matter how talented your child may be, there are going to days when he doesn't play his best, or when, despite his best effort, his team loses. How you manage both the ups, and the inevitable downs, will play a large role in whether your child has a successful youth sports experience.

Should I Let My Daughter Play On the Boys' Team?

By Doreen Greenberg, Ph. D.

There are many factors for a parent and an aspiring young female athlete to consider when deciding whether she should play on an all-boys' team.  Is she pretty adept at the fundamentals of the sport? Are her skills on an equal footing with the boys?  Does she thrive on the competition?  Is the coach gender-blind - giving equal opportunities to everyone?  Does he foster an environment where masculinity and feminity are not questioned?  If you can answer yes - then let her play!

Good Idea to Criticize Your Child's Athletic Performance??

The last thing a child needs to hear is a parent criticizing their performance or giving coaching pointers. What they want most is unconditional support and encouragement, not criticism.

Over-Involved Youth Sports Parent: Are You One?

Children and teens are uncomfortable if parents listen to their music, wear their style of clothes, or use their slang or become over-involved with their school, friends or sports.  Here are some warning signs.

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