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Statement From MomsTEAM Institute and Brooke de Lench on Sports Legacy Institute's Hit Count® Certification Program

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Concord, Mass. (January 27, 2014) 

MomsTEAM.com and the non-profit MomsTEAM Institute applaud the announcement today by the Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) of its Hit Count® certification program as a welcome development in the utilization of impact sensor technology in contact and collision sports to make sports safer.

"For a number of years, MomsTEAM has been a leading proponent for the use of impact sensors in helping sideline personnel identify athletes who may have sustained a concussion for further evaluation, as a behavior modification teaching tool for coaches, and for gathering the enormous amount of data that may eventually lead to the establishment of thresholds for the number of hits an athlete can safely sustain," said MomsTEAM Founder and Publisher and MomsTEAM Institute Executive Director, Brooke de Lench.

"As I found from working with sensor manufacturers in the making of our PBS documentary, ‘The Smartest Team: Making High School Football Safer,' and from following closely developments in the sensor field for the past three years, the devices hold the promise of

G force Tracker

revolutionizing head injury safety, and MomsTEAM is pleased that SLI shares our belief in the value of this technology in a variety of ways.

"It is not surprising, given the promise of this emerging technology, that quite a few companies have entered the sensor market over the last few years, and my hope is that a certification program, while assuring that they meet certain minimum standards of reliability and accurately measure impacts, do not stifle innovation in the field by imposing on companies, many of which are start-ups with limited capital, onerous and expensive testing requirements that they may find it difficult to meet." de Lench said.

"I was also pleased to see that SLI has decided to pull back from the position it took in 2012, when it announced its intent to issue Hit Count thresholds for football and hockey, and now recognizes that the current state of the science does not permit establishment of a threshold above which an athlete's exposure to impacts is unsafe, or below which it is safe, and that we are just beginning the major research effort that may eventually lead to the establishment of such thresholds."

"MomsTEAM and MomsTEAM Institute look forward to learning about the details of SLI's certification program and continuing our work educating the youth sports community about this exciting technology," de Lench concluded.

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UPDATE: Sept. 12, 2014 MomsTEAM no longer supports the capture  of data for tracking of hits of minors. More to come on this matter.