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Do you know a motocross coach in your community you think would be an ideal candidate to be MomsTeam's motocross expert? Send his or her name to info@momsteam.com.

Moto X: Extreme, Risky, and Fun!

Motocross: Pronunciation: \?m?-t?-?kro?s\
a closed-course motorcycle race over natural or simulated rough terrain (as with steep inclines, hairpin turns, and mud); also : the sport of engaging in motocross races

Motocross is a motorcycle-based sport that is done performed off-road. It is a thrilling, fierce, and risky extreme sport. It is also physically demanding, particularly on the heart. According to a study conducted by The National Sport Health Institute in Englewood, California, motocross racers raise their heart rate up to around 180 to 190 beats per minute and hold it for about 35 minutes, oftentimes multiple times per day.

As with many extreme sports, motocross can be dangerous. Make sure your children wear proper protective gear, especially solid, reliable helmets. Youth motocross racing starts at ten years old. The biggest motocross events are the FIM's Grand Prix (Motocross World Championship) and the AMA's American National Championship.

MomsTeam's goal is to provide comprehensive information on motocross: advice on the equipment needed and how to buy it, a primer on the rules of the sport, and videos and advice from experts, parents, and manufacturers of motocross gear.

But to do that we are going to need your help. If you are a parent of a child who motocrosses or has motocrossed, we hope you will share what you have learned with other MomsTeam parents. Please consider writing a blog, contributing an article, posting on and/or hosting a Forum, or becoming a motocrossing expert. If you know of someone who used to play or coach motocross who has knowledge to share, ask him or her to join. Together we can make MomsTeam a true community of sports parents!

-Brooke de Lench
MomsTeam Founder



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