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Concussion Defined

A concussion Is defined as trauma (e.g. usually but not always a blow to the head, face or neck) which causes the brain  to collide with the skull. A "concussion" is derived from the Latin concutere, meaning to shake violently. It is also often referred to as an MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury).

No Return to Play If Still Have Concussion Symptoms

Sports concussion expert Dr. Cantu says that no athlete should be allowed to return to play sports after a concussion if still experiencing symptoms.

Recognizing Concussion Signs and Symptoms: Advice for Parents

Dr. Robert Cantu says it is extremely important that parents and athletes recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion.  Not only do athletes need to self-report symptoms, says Dr. Cantu, but they should let the coaching and medical staff know if a teammate is experiencing symptoms.  It just might save his life.

Concussions: Monitor Child in First 24-48 Hours

Regular post-concussion monitoring is essential in the first 24 to 48 hours after injury to check for signs of deteriorating mental status that may indicate a more serious injury, says Dr. Robert Cantu.

Ten Things To Remember After Your Child's Team Loses

No matter how talented your child may be, there are going to days when he doesn't play his best, or when, despite his best effort, his team loses.  How you manage both the ups, and the inevitable downs, will play a large role in whether your child has a successful youth sports experience.  Here are ten things to keep in mind after your child's team loses or he doesn't perform up to his expectations.

What To Do If Your Child Doesn't Want You To Watch Her Hockey Game

Kids, especially under twelve, are always seeking their parents' approval. Negative labels and generalizations and criticism can have a devastating emotional impact. If you critique your child's performance, she will interpret your anger, disapproval, and disappointment as meaning that you don't love her anymore-that your love is conditional.

Talking to Your Child's Coach: Advice for Hockey Moms and Dads

If the world were a perfect place, talking to a youth hockey coach would be as natural and stress free for a hockey mom as talking to her child's teacher. Unfortunately, there is not much that worries and confuses hockey moms more than talking to their child's coach.

Hockey Sticks: Wood or Composite?

Angela Ruggiero, US Women's National Hockey Team Member and three time Olympian, compares the advantages of wood and composite hockey sticks.

Choosing a Youth Hockey Stick

Three-time Olympic ice hockey medalist, Angela Ruggiero, offers advice to parents on buying a stick for youth hockey.

Youth Hockey: Making Sure the Helmet Fits

Angela Ruggiero, US Women's National Hockey Team Member and three time
Olympian, discusses how parents can make sure their child's ice hockey helmet fits properly:


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