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Football: Injury Preventive Tackling Safety Education and Training


According to the Concussion Institute, tackle football players suffered more than 3,800,000 brain injuries in 2007. 

I therefore have three important questions for parents of youth & high school football players

  1. Do you know the main reasons there continues to be so many brain injuries in tackle football each year?

  2. When it comes to head, neck and spinal cord injury prevention, what is the one thing you are counting on to make this football season a safer one for your child and less stressful for yourself?

  3. Would you sign up for a seminar where you could get the answers to both questions that provided your child with the education and training to avoid injuries to his head, neck and spine during live football contact?

My name is Coach Bobby Hosea and I have a few solutions that I can share, but first I would like to hear from you,  concerned parents, on what you think the primary causes for so many injuries to the head, neck and spine, and if anything can be done to reduce them.

I look forward to your comments.

Sincerely yours,

Coach Bobby Hosea

Preventative Tackling in Football

I look forward to learning how the number of concussions can be reduced in football by teaching proper tackling techniques, Willie. We have come a long way since the days before "spearing" was banned, and the number of deaths and catastrophic injuries in football is down, but concussions are still a huge national problem in football - at all levels - and kids are still leading with their helmets, so anything that can be done to prevent concussions from occurring is something we should be doing.

Thanks for posting your blog on MomsTeam!

Lindsay Barton

MomsTeam.com Editor

Injury Preventive Tackling Safety Education & Training


Thank you for your response to my post.

You are 100% correct, something needs to be done to reduce brain, neck and spinal cord injuries at every level of tackle football. It is a very serious health issue in this country.

When you begin to realize that there are more than 3,800,000 brain injuries suffered by tackle football players each 3-1/2 month football season, it staggers the mind! (Source: The Concussion Institute)

Thats not counting neck and spinal cord injuries which are substantial as well.

Oh yes, something has to be done now!

I played football 14 years of my life. High School, JC, UCLA and five years of Pro ball in the CFL and USFL combined, so I know first hand just how dangerous football can be. I have seen my share of traumatic injury to fellow teammates and opponents alike, and I have suffered concussions, broken bones and torn muscles as well.

To be honest, up until my own little boy wanted to play tackle football, I thought all those injuries were just a part of the game, including concussions. Getting knocked out or knocking someone else out was sort of a badge of honor that earned you a certain level of respect among your peers, especially if you got up and got back into the game.
And for a football player there is nothing worse than loosing the respect of your teammates, your brothers in arm so to speak. That was my mentality when it came to me and my football career.

But now, my own little person that I love beyond words wanted to be like his Daddy and play football, to make me proud of him. I could never have been more proud of him than when he was in the fourth grade and he asked me to come to his school to help pick up paper and paint out graffiti. That day I knew I had a special little person that truly cared about his community. No number of touch downs or QB sacks could ever fill my heart with pride like that moment.

So anyway, I took him to the local Pop Warner Association in our area to sign him up and just so happens the league president was a UCLA Bruin fan and he knew my name. I told him that I would like to help out and he said "Ok, you are the head coach!"

Wow! Like most Dads, by "help out" l really meant that I just wanted to watch out for my own kid and make sure nobody had him doing things that would get him seriously injured. But now I had 30 little boys that were just as precious to me as my own son. So I did what any strong man would do in that situation, I prayed!

I ask the Lord to "teach me, so that I could teach them, because I never wanted to see any of them not be able to get up because they did it wrong for me!"

I'm sure your question is, teach you what so you could teach them what? The answer is teach me how to teach them to tackle without using their heads. You see, I used my head on occasion to make tackles and I suffered several concussions as a result, and in JC I hit one of our running backs in practice with the crown of my head that sent a shock down my spine and a fear through my mind I wouldn't wish on anybody.

Well, a long story short, the next day I went to the local Hardware Store and asked for the pipes they use under the grass for sprinkling which turned out to be PVC pipe. I took it to my garage and started cutting and clueing and three hours later I had a little contraption I called Dip-N-Rip-Sticks.

This will be my twelfth season using this device and what has now become known as the DipNripSticks 12-Step Tackle Progression Training System that I decided just 3 years ago to take to the rest of the tackle football playing world.

I say with pride, joy and humility that in all the years I have trained players using my system, I have never lost a single player to any type of head, neck or spinal cord injury that resulted from them initiating contact with their head to make a tackle.

The education and training my system provides is revolutionary when it comes to injury preventive tackle training and there is none like it on the planet.

When I decided to take my system to the rest of the world, I used the traditional methods of going to the various Coaching Clinics throughout the country and buying booth space to share this great news with everyone. But what I have found in these past three years is that the children may be cared for by Coaches, Athletic Directors and Youth League Administrators, but none of them truly love the children like you the parent.

I have been a coach since 1982 and some of the most arrogant and closed minded people I have ever met are coaches, if it can't help them score more points to win, they don't want to hear about it. As for the ADs and League Presidents I've encountered, they are only interested in the bottom line. My reply to them is always, "Well how much is a child's safety and well-being worth?...It's priceless!

So I have decided to come directly to you the parents, and ask you the 3 questions I posed in my first post to see your level of interest in information that informs you of the exact reason for head first contact during tackles and how they can be avoided. .

Far too long you have given the decision making power to coaches when it came to your child's involvement in football. You probably thought, "He is the Coach and he knows best!" Well, no he does not, and the reason being is that far too many Coaches are teaching what their Daddy's Coach taught their Fathers and what their Fathers taught them.

Every aspect of football has improved over the 100 plus years it has been played in this country but unfortunately, tackling technique has not.

Until now!

Parents, I invite you and your football playing children to visit my website at www.DipNripSticks.com to find out one of the main reasons why there continues to be more than 3,800,000 brain injuries suffered by football players every year. Also find out what is, can and has been done for over a decade to reduce these unnecessary head, neck and spinal cord injuries .

Parents, my hope is to give you the knowledge that will empower you to force Youth Leagues and High School Football programs to start better protecting your children by using my revolutionary tackle training system that has proven to educate and train players how to protect themselves and their opponents from needless head, neck and spinal injury.

I am not concerned about living with concussions, I'm concerned about playing without them. Thats by keeping your head in the game and out of the tackle!

I look forward to everyones response so that I may expound on how you can bring this "Education and Training" to your football program.

Thank you all for your time reading my post.

Coach Bobby Hosea
DipNripSticks Train 'Em Up Academy, Inc.
A 501 (C) 3 Not-for-profit Corporation
Website: www.DipNripSticks.com

Parents, be aware of what goes on in early football practice.

Dear Parents, Players and Coaches,

I heard the craziest thing I think I have heard in a long time.

Just yesterday I was talking to a concerned parent about his three young sons who are about to start football season next week. As I do with every person I speak with, I told him to be sure to bring them to my tackle progression camp before they put on the pads in order for them to be educated on why it is important not to tackle with their head and be trained to avoid head first contact while attempting to make a tackle.

Well, this well meaning parent says to me, "Oh our coach is good about all of that, he makes them bang their heads together when they get their helmets on so they can get use to it!"

Parents, that is insane! Your brain does not need to get use to repeated debilitating blows to it. The brain is not like some Kung Fu fighter toughening up is knuckles by pounding a bucket of sand all day.

The brain does not get use to being hit, it simply gets damaged beyond repair.

As the season gets closer I get a more and more sickening feeling in my stomach thinking of the unnecessary abuse children are going to take to their head, neck and spine this football season because of ignorance like that.

Parents, please visit my website at www.dipnripsticks.com to educate yourselves and your athletes to the very mechanism that leads to head first contact and severe injury and how to avoid them well as.

Banging the heads together does not get them use to it, it re-enforces helmet first contact which is a football rules violation. Basically it's telling a player that hitting with the head is okay.


Please visit my site and if you have any questions or comment please do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail or by phone.

Safety is no accident!

Coach Bobby Hosea


Coaches are out there with kids today. Please share any training methods you can that may help prevent head and neck injuries. Most Coaches are trying but if you have things that may help -let us know!

Keeping the HEAD out of the tackle.

Parents, to learn how you can better protect your child from unnecessary head injuries, please visit my website at www.TrainEmUp.pro.

All the information any football player or coach needs to know to keep players from initiating contact with their helmets to make tackles is there.

Many coaches go to football clinics and pick up ideas from so called "experts" of the game. What makes them experts is maybe they have won a few championships as a coach or have a big name as a former star player.

A few things that are done at the upper levels of tackle football should not be taught on any level but, they are routinely used at the Pro and College levels and trickle down to the High School and Youth levels of competition.

Example: Directing a player to place his face on the "Football" (Bite the ball) to force the ball carrier to fumble is rampant throughout the game. Initiate contact with any part of the helmet or face mask is clearly a rules violation that is never enforced. (read the warning label on the back of the helmet)

A football unto itself won't break a person's neck or cause severe brain damage but, if you place that ball firmly in a person's arms, tucked tightly against their chest and have them run full speed directly at your face and head, there will be catastrophic consequences.

75% of all Youth football players do not go on to play HS Football, so why are they being instructed to perform dangerous techniques that will cause them permeant injury or worse?


a long way since the days before "spearing" was banned, and the number of deaths and catastrophic injuries in football is down, but concussions are still a huge national problem in football - at all levels - and kids are still leading with their helmets.

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