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Preventing Pitching Injuries: A Dozen Tips

1. Don't let your kid pitch when tired

2. Don't let your kid play baseball year-round

3. Follow pitch count limits and rest periods

4. Avoid multiple teams with overlapping seasons

5. Teach good throwing mechanics early

6. Make sure your child is properly conditioned.

7. Make sure your child properly warms up and stretches.

8. Never allow your child to play through pain

9. Avoid use of radar guns

10. Avoid showcases

11. Don't let pitchers be catchers too

12. Consider delayed throwing of the curveball

Posted March 23, 2012




I think the key is to just

I think the key is to just be smart and use common sense. I'm in my 40's and have heard that you shouldn't throw curve balls until you're older, yet kids continue to do it.
I'd be more in favor of teaching a kid to throw it right, then restricting how many they throw. Also, develop a change up, as effective, easy to control and less stress than a curve ball.

I'm also old school, I feel kids have to throw to "build-up" their arms. I think pitch counts are counterproductive.
Have a build up, throw and inning or two early in the season, build up to 3-4 innings and then by the end you can throw 5-6 innings. Be careful throwing back to back days, but just be smart. Kids these days never build up arm strength becasue they throw so little.

If you're training for a marathon, you don't run a 1/2 mile every third day to train, you gradually build up over time.