Game Day

Sports Nutrition On the Go: Advice for Parents Is Drink Up, Load Up, Refuel, and Replenish

To help on-the-go sports parents, here are four important sports nutrition points to remember and some tips on how to plan ahead for the hustle and bustle of the fall sports seasons: drink up, load up, refuel, and replenish

What To Eat and Drink While Playing Sports

Athletes should consume carbohydrate-rich foods or drinks every half hour to hour while playing stop-and-go and endurance sports.

What to Eat During Stop-And-Go/Short Duration Sports

If your child is playing stop-and-go sports (basketball, football, volleyball, hockey etc.) or participating in short-duration events (gymnastics, sprints to middle distances in track etc.), here's are some tips on what he should eat and drink on the day of competition.

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