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10 Incredibly Healthy Soccer Snacks!


I know soccer snacks need to be easy, quick and handy, but convenience doesn’t mean you can’t sneak some better-for-you options into your soccer season. Fortunately, healthy options other than orange slices and bananas do exist. All it takes is a little bit of planning and getting everyone on board with a good-for-you game plan.

Any ideas?


Healthy Snacks

For more healthy snack ideas, check out this page listing articles on snacks.

Make Your Own...

One activity I highly recommend (we've done it at a handful of youth development camps) is to have the players make their own snacks.  There a variety of options, but two that I have seen high school players enjoy making are smoothies (using fruit, milk, yogurt, etc) and energy bars (using peanut butter, granola, raisins, etc).

It is a great activity to teach youth athletes a few valuable lessons in nutrition -- ie what to eat and how to do it yourself.  Helena, Lindsay -- good luck with your snack choices.




Make Your Own Snacks

A great idea, Barry. Our kids need to be eating a lot less processed foods.  For more ideas from nutritionist Nancy Clark, click here.

Well, thanks a lot! These 10

Well, thanks a lot! These 10 are really healthy... and others on momsteam too.

pb is great

I would recommend focusing on a light snack based on peanut butter. PB has a lot of good protein, which is great for energy. Its also more filling than a lot of other snacks (without being too heavy - in regular doses). I love Barry's idea of having the kids make their own snacks!Jenn

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Well soccer foods need to be

Well soccer foods need to be quick and easy but it also needs to be nutritional at the same time. The food should be light and include energy in it. There is a soccer team near my neighborhood and I see them using combo vending machines as their quick handy snack before they go to play soccer after college. I was surprised because vending foods are basically junk and does not have nutrients at all. But later I found that vending foods are healthier and have added nutrition-conscious items like fresh melon and berry fruit cups, turkey and reduced fat Swiss cheese wraps, granola bars, vitamin-enhanced water and even vitamin packs. Well this sounds surprising but for the soccer players it can be quick and easy with a lot of nutrition in it. 

Our little encouragement can

Our little encouragement can bring radical change in our kid. So I often attend in their performance whether in parents' day or in inter-school sport competition. I am sure that none of the guardians or parents want to miss their kid's performance because this really makes the children upset. Besides, our children want to go outside with us. 

I like whole grain muffins a

I like whole grain muffins a lot. It is delicious as well one of the best healthy foods. I practice soccer daily and after the practice, consumption of these grain muffins along with some energy drinks is really refreshing and energizing.