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ER Visits For Traumatic Brain Injuries From Playground Accidents On Increase, Despite Industry Improvements

The number of children treated in emergency rooms for traumatic brain injuries sustained at a playground increased significantly between 2005 and 2013, according to a study to be published in the journal Pediatrics.

Another Benefit of Gatorade

Our two sons played organized ice hockey and baseball, beginning at ages five (ice hockey) and nine (Little League).  They went on to become All-Stars in both sports in high school, competing on varsity and travel teams.  They entered Ivy League colleges and had to choose to play one sport, due to overlapping seasons.  They both chose baseball.  They each became All-Ivy baseball players and went on to play in the Boston Red Sox pro baseball system for seven years (which I chronicle in my book, MINOR LEAGUE MOM:  A MOTHER'S JOURNEY THROUGH THE RED SOX FARM TEAMS).

Benefits of Gatorade for an infant or toddler explained.

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