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Sports-Related Concussions & Subconcussive Injuries

After Concussion: Physical and Cognitive Rest Essential, Academic Accommodations Sometimes Required

In most cases, athletes who get five days of complete physical and cognitive rest and stay home from school after a concussion can return to the classroom the following week, but some may need academic accommodations, says Dr. William P. Meehan, III.

Baseline Concussion Testing: Why Sandbagging Is A Bad Idea

Concussion expert Dr. William P. Meehan, III explains why athletes who try to intentionally fail a baseline neurocognitive test in order to be able to return to play sooner after a concussion are only putting themselves at risk.

Steps Athletes Can Take To Reduce Concussion Risk

There are four steps an athlete, such as a hockey player, can take to reduce their concussion risk, says Dr. William P. Meehan, III: learning to play with their head up, strengthening their neck and shoulder muscles, not returning too soon from a previous concussion, and avoiding hits from behind.

Concussions: Prompt Reporting, Proper Management Keys To Full Recovery

Prompt reporting of concussion symptoms and proper concussion management should allow an athlete to play contact or collision sports as long as they want.  It is athletes who hide symptoms, return to play too soon, or sustain multiple injuries whose careers may be cut short, says concussion expert, Dr. William P. Meehan.

Concussion Education Via Text Message: Wave of the Future?

The BeUnstoppable Football Tips Campaign aims to raise awareness about concussions and other sports injuries through text messages.

Concussion Knowledge of Primary Care Doctors Falls Short, Study Says

Many primary care physicians lack confidence in their ability to diagnose and manage concussions, says a new University of Washington study, although doctors receiving a concussion education toolkit were significantly less likely to recommend next day return to play after concussion, consistent with current guidelines.

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MomsTeam.com CEO/Publisher Brooke de Lench announced today that Battle Sports Science, LLC, a leading sports safety company based in Omaha, Nebraska, has joined MomsTeam as a sponsor, and that Battle Sports' revolutionary new sports safety product - the Impact Indicator - has been awarded MomsTeam's Seal of Approval. 
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