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Concussion Treatment & Recovery

The Unmarked Detour: A Family's Journey Through Post-Concussion Syndrome (Video)

When her daughter Heidi suffered a concussion warming up in goal before a hockey game in February 2010, litle did Dorothy Bedford realize that the night would mark the beginning of a fourteen-month long recovery from post-concussion syndrome requiring three medical leaves of absences and treatment by nearly a dozen medical specialists.

The Unmarked Detour: Final Thoughts and Biggest Regrets

In the last part of her series, Dorothy Bedford offers final observations on her teenage daughter Heidi's concussion two years after that fateful night, her four biggest regrets, and her advice to parents of concussed student-athletes.

The Unmarked Detour: The Journey in Videos

A series of video segments featuring Dorothy Bedford talking about her teenage daughter Heidi's 14-month long struggle to overcome post-concussion syndrome after suffering a serious concussion playing hockey at boarding school.

The Unmarked Detour: Concussion Puzzle Completed, New Normal Achieved

Dorothy Bedford describes how the use of two previously untried therapies (vestibular rehabilitation therapy and use of the drug Amantadine) helped complete her daughter Heidi's recovery from post-concussion syndrome and achieve a new normal.

The Unmarked Detour: Summer Vacation Brings Continued Progress

Dorothy Bedford recounts how summer vacation for her teenage daughter, Heidi, four months after suffering a serious concussion playing hockey at school, was a mixture of the progress and minor setbacks.

The Unmarked Detour: A Trip To Boston And Bumps On The Way To Summer Vacation

Dorothy Bedford talks about having to take her teenage daughter Heidi out of school for the third time in the three months since she suffered a serious concussion playing hockey, and her frantic efforts to obtain the additional neurological testing the school required before she was allowed back to finish the spring semester.

The Unmarked Detour: Another Mistake, A Dead End At School, and Post-Concussion Syndrome

Dorothy Bedford talks about making another mistake in her daughter's concussion recovery, her abortive attempt to return to school, and the day-to-day activities appropriate for a concussed student-athlete with post-concussion syndrome.

The Unmarked Detour: Concussion Recovery Helped By Treatments Old and New

Old fashioned Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) baths and foot soaks were a simple, yet remarkably helpful, therapy in treating her daughter's ongoing symptoms of concussion, says her mom, Dorothy Bedford, while craniosacral therapy, a new offshoot of osteopathic medicine, also helped.

The Unmarked Detour: Recovery Begins At Home

Back home in Princeton on medical leave from school, Dorothy Bedford's daughter Heidi begins to comprehend the severity of her concussion injury while Dorothy looks for therapies to speed her recovery, adapting techniques used in stroke rehabilitation therapy and  making appointments for Heidi to see her longtime chiropractic neurologist.

The Unmarked Detour: Three Critical, Early Mistakes Prove Costly

A mom explains how three major mistakes in the first critical days after her teenage daughter suffered a concussion playing hockey not only made her injury worse and her recovery more difficult, but would affect her physical and emotional health, cognitive abilities, and academic record, and strain family relationships and finances.
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