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Under Armour Recalls Athletic Cups Due To Injury Hazard

The cups can break if hit, posing a risk of serious injury hazard to athletes.

Consumers should immediately stop using the athletic cup and contact Under Armour for a $20 voucher for use online or at any Under Armour specialty or outlet store.

Resist Pressure From Coaches For Early Specialization in Single Sport

Coaches who concentrate on the well-being of their young athletes encourage them to cross-train and enjoy other activities during parts of the year, not threaten them with the loss of a place on the team if they don't drop other sports.

Return to Sports: Signs That Athlete Not Psychologically Ready Often Subtle

Because most athletes don't want to admit that they aren't psychologically ready to return to sports, a parent or athletic trainer needs to look for subtle clues, most often expressed in terms of a hesitancy, lack of confidence or certainty that seems out of character.

Test Measures Psychological Readiness To Return to Sports

A new test helps athlete trainers, other health care professionals and even parents assess an athlete's psychological readiness to return to sports by measuring confidence in six areas.

Making Fitness Fun for Children

Tips for parents on ways to make fitness fun for children. 

HCM and Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes

About 50 young athletes go into sudden cardiac arrest each year and die from a rare congenital heart defect called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM ).   While some parent groups advocate for routine electrocardiogram (ECG) screening for youth athletes, sports administrator Donald Collins says attacking the HCM problem through education, by forming alliances between schools, leagues and sports governing bodies with medical organizations and by the taking of detailed family history during a young athlete's pre-participation physical evaluation is a cost-effective approach to early detection.  

Psychological Readiness to Return to Sport Scale


Please rate your confidence to return to your sport on a scale from 0 - 100.

0 = no confidence at all

50 = moderate confidence

100 = complete confidence

Overuse Injury: Early Recognition and Treatment Allows Quick Return to Play

Early recognition and treatment of common overuse injuries to growth plates is key to the safe return to play of young athletes says a new study.

Strength Training Benefits Children & Teens, Study Says

Strength training during childhood and adolescence can improve strength by 30-50 percent, increase bone density,  and self-esteem and reduced risk of coronary heart disease, childhood obesity, says a new study.

Overuse Running Injuries: Weak Hip Muscles Common Cause

Overuse running injuries such as patellofemoral pain syndrome (so-called "runner's knee"), and Achilles tendonitis may have more to do with weakened hip muscles than the sheer number of miles an athlete runs.
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