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Stop the Stink from Sports Gear

As a mom of 2 sports crazy boys, I was constantly exposed to the stink of their stinky sports gear and dreading the car ride home from practice, I came up with a new invention to stop that stink! It's a line of silver lined gear, since silver prevents the growth of bacteria and bacteria are what cause the odor (yes, ugh, that's what's on their gear!) We have waterproof silver lined bags, shin guard pads, helmet pads, t-shirts and more. Check it out at silveredgegear.com and on facebook.com/silveredgegear to see the great responses we've received and the proven results that it works! Please pass this along to anyone who has to endure the stink of stinky gear! And best of all, everything is made in the USA! Thanks so much!

How to get the odour out of sporting gear and running shoes

For years I was battling with the horrible odour coming from my kid's Hokey Gear and running shoes.
I tried using Fabreze, and other clothing and air fresheners, but it only masked the smell.
A few months ago, my friend who had the same problem with her kids and husband's sporting gear introduced me to a very effective product called Stink -Off.
Apparently, it is an environmental friendly product, It works incredibly well, safe to use all the equipment and smells great. The only thing is that you can only purchase it on-line.
www.stink-off.com I highly recommend it!