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SmartTeams™ Talk: Rosalind Wiseman Offers Parents and Coaches Ways To Use Sports To Teach Important Life Lessons

In an entertaining and informative SmartTeams Talk, best-selling author and parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman provides concrete advice to youth sports parents and coaches on how they can help nourish and maintain the relationship youth athletes have with adults.

Youth Sports Heroes of the Month: Queen Creek (Arizona) High School Football Team

Attending Queen Creek High School was a daily ordeal for 16-year-old sophomore Chy Johnson, who faced unrelenting taunts from bullies who would punctuate their insults by throwing garbage on her and shoving her in the hallways. Most days, she came home crying, unable to resist the indignities alone.

School bullies often seek out the most vulnerable victims, classmates who appear “different” for one reason or another and cannot defend themselves. Chy Johnson unfortunately fit the description. She attends regular classes, but she has microcephaly, a genetic brain disorder that has left her head smaller than average and causes her brain to operate at a third-grade level.

Attending Queen Creek High School was a daily ordeal for 16-year-old sophomore Chy Johnson, who faced unrelenting taunts from bullies. Until the high school football team stepped in to help.

Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Matt Woodrum (Worthington, Ohio)

Most athletes who finish last in a race aren't showered with accolades or become You Tube sensations, but that's what happened to an Ohio eleven-year-old when he finished a distant last in the 400 meter race at his elementary school's annual track and field day.

Adults In Youth Sports: How to Make It Fun for Kids

Adults involved in youth sports are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the quality of a child's sports experience. To create a positive sports environment for youth athletes to ensure they have fun, parents need to ask six key questions.

Indiana Teen Unfairly Kicked Off Basketball Team Because Of Length Of His Hair

Last October, 14-year-old Austin Hayden earned a place on his Greensburg, Indiana middle school boys' basketball team.  A week later, he was told he could no longer be a member of the team after refusing to cut his hair (which was long, but not long enough to pull into a pony-tail) to comply with the coach's policy, which required that his hair be above his collar and ears.

Athletes Asked To Stand Up Against School Bullying

Bullying, both in its regular and cyber forms, is a big problem, but combating it may start with something small: an embroidered patch with the letters A.A.B (Athletes Against Bullying).

Abuse in Youth Sports Takes Many Different Forms

Abuse in youth sports takes four basic forms: physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. Emotional abuse is the most common form and leaves scars no less real.

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